Buying & Selling

We can supply the chemical you need or buy the product you want to sell, and make all the necessary legal, logistical and administrative arrangements necessary to complete the deal. As a trader we take title to the product in line with the agreed terms and ensure the correct logistical solution to take or make delivery.

We are first trade house offering 24*7 customer services. The supplies are done fastest and shortest possible time as we are equipped with own tankers and trucks to move the material from our Vendors to our valuable clientele.

Logistics & Operations

We understand that trading and logistics is not only about the product itself but also the paperwork around the consignment that allows the easy movement of the goods. If the paperwork is not available and in the correct format, then the consignment will get delayed wasting time and money.

Repacking / Storages

We have separate/dedicated underground storage tankers (SS316/SS304) for various Solvents to maintain the stocks as per the customer’s instant needs to serve them JUST IN TIME (JIT). Also we have expertise in handling Hazardous chemicals/Acids. We have automatic filling facility for drum filling.

The shifting of material in drums from godown to transportation vehicle is carried out using forklift reducing the time consumed for each loading and also reduce the possibility of damage/leakage to the drums due to manual handling. We fill the material only in brand new HDPE drums and MS Drums based on material nature. We encourage the customers only to use the new drums so that each raw material retains its purity at best.


We are of course there to help in emergencies as well where tanks are full at our clients godown, and in these cases we will arrange floating storage or land storage to allow the production facilities to run unhindered and cut back due to inventory overflow.